I positioned the Robin Hobb books

Since last week I’m formally finished with the Domain of the Elderling series! Which sincerely causes me to feel extremely refined, yet it likewise leaves a hole.. What ‘large series’ do I plunge into straightaway?! I realize there are numerous legendary dreams out there haha, I may very well need to complete some more series before I do that!

I will initially provide you my request for the different series, beginning from my ‘most un-number one to my #1 series in this world! Yet, realize that none of these books got a rating lower than 4 stars!

  • Blood of Dragons – 7.71
  • Dragon Haven – 7.86
  • Assassin’s Apprentice – 7.86
  • City of Dragons – 8.14
  • Royal Assassin – 8.14
  • Fool’s Quest – 8.29
  • Dragon Keeper – 8.43 (I feel like this one should be lower?!)
  • Assassin’s Quest – 8.43
  • Fool’s Assassin – 8.57
  • Fool’s Fate – 8.71
  • The Golden Fool – 9.00
  • Ship of Magic – 9.14
  • Fool’s Errand – 9.14
  • Assassin’s Fate – 9.43
  • The Mad Ship – 9.43
  • Ship of Destiny – 9.57

The Downpour Wild Narratives (fourth series)
Farseer Set of three (first series)
Brownish Man (Third series)
Fitz and the Idiot (Fifth series)
The Liveship dealers (Second series)

I certainly partook in The Liveship Merchants series the most, yet Fitz and the Blockhead is an exceptionally close second! I assume I recently enjoyed finding out about the boats the most, and furthermore I thought those characters were the most fascinating! For the Downpour Wild Narratives, those characters intrigued me the least, and I assume I anticipated a smidgen more from the mythical serpents!

Other than positioning the series I figured it would likewise be fascinating to rank every one of the different books! I will do this generally founded on the CAWPILE rating I gave the books at that point! For the books I read in 2020 (Farseer set of three and Liveship brokers), I will fill in CAWPILE presently so I don’t know how exact those appraisals will be. Again positioning from most reduced appraised to most elevated evaluated!

Blood of Winged serpents – 7.71
Winged serpent Sanctuary – 7.86
Professional killer’s Student – 7.86
City of Winged serpents – 8.14
Illustrious Professional killer – 8.14
Bonehead’s Journey – 8.29
Mythical serpent Manager – 8.43 (I feel like this one ought to be lower?!)
Professional killer’s Mission – 8.43
Bonehead’s Professional killer – 8.57
Bonehead’s Destiny – 8.71
The Brilliant Bonehead – 9.00
Boat of Sorcery – 9.14
Waste of time – 9.14
Professional killer’s Destiny – 9.43
The Distraught Boat – 9.43
Boat of Fate – 9.57
Taking a gander at these evaluations I feel like my request for the series doesn’t check out?! In any case, I think I’ve become stricter with my appraisals partially through last year/this year. So I get it’s a good idea that the books I read toward the start of last year got higher evaluations, despite the fact that I delighted in them less?

Additionally you can see that none of the books got the full 10, which presumably the upper ones do merit, yet I seldom give 10s on CAWPILE, on the grounds that I feel like that implies that nothing can be better?! furthermore, imagine a scenario in which I find a book that I appreciate more haha. Idk, get it doesn’t exactly make any difference in any case!

Yet, end, I totally love Hobb! I want to believe that she will compose one more series in this world. I most certainly figure it could be conceivable, following one of the fundamental characters in the Fitz and the Moron series, perhaps at a piece more seasoned age?! Would be perfect!

Likewise I somewhat need to rehash the Liveship brokers set of three! I paid attention to them generally on sound, yet somewhat need to peruse them genuinely, so perhaps I will! However, they are a few major books!

Have you perused Hobb? What is your number one series/book from her?

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